John brings the SPR their next case on Christmas Eve. Children at a local church are being possessed by the ghost of an autistic boy who vanished one day during a game of hide-and-seek. The boy, Kenji, hides in the woods once he claims a body. While in control of a child, he mistakes Lin for his dead father and clings to him. John exorcises Kenji from the child he resides in, but Kenji then promptly possesses Mai. While Naru searches for Kenji's body, Lin is ordered to play with Kenji. Lin snaps shortly after and Kenji, still in Mai's body, races into the woods. After Takigawa and John find Kenji, Naru tells him his father is waiting for him in heaven and asks him where he is. Kenji shows him the place he'd hid and died from hypothermia during a storm, his decomposed skull just besde the statue on the left after that he releases Mai, who sees Kenji's tragic death in a dream.