April Day 1 

The SPR door slammed open. "Mai,tea" said her tea loving jerk coldly. Without a word she made him some tea and without saying thank you he accepted it. Lin was as usual addicted to laptop. He was typing something very fast. Mai stood in front of Naru staring perfect features of his face and his ice blue eyes. He is so cute, it's killing me. thought Mai. "If it's killing you, you can now go Mai." He said with usual curt in his voice. She slammed the door shut. She was still sulking inwardly about the lack of gratitude. Suddenly the main door opened with a thud. There was 20 years old lady with flowing blonde hair and was looking very hot. She seemed to be American and wore a black jeans, black leather jacket and leather shoes. She was very pale and had golden eyes that glowing radiantly in sunlight. She held a large machine gun. " y-y-you?" asked Mai, stammering. "Are you Mai Taniyama?"asked the woman. Her voice was very manned, languid and deep. "Yes....."answered Mai. "Boys..... take the girl."she shouted. Next moment Mai knew she was being dragged by well-built, strong body guards. There was same lady at the big black Mercedes Guardian car. But her eyes were bright grey. She held a tape and pair of ropes. Her hair were wavy. She put tape on Mai's mouth and tied her legs and arms and pushed her inside. Inside she saw Monk, Ayako, Masako, John, Yasuhara tied in same way. Here in SPR office, some men and that lady brought Lin and Naru. They were same way tied with tapes on their mouths. The wavy haired girl took red colored Dodge Charger R/T car and said"See you in Dubai, Nexus." Nexus pushed the red button and a recording started playing.  

"Hey guys this is Madoka. You need not to be afraid. The girl is not going to harm you as she is my cousin. She may be little bit cruel. There is a case in Dubai. A hotel named Limelight is haunted. The second floor is haunted and it's hotel of 40 floors. The owner says that she heard some strange voices like ripping, screaming, child's crying and much more. Many guest are victims of these due to this floor they are not able to access the next upper floors which are not haunted. I have some wireless cameras and thermo imaging cameras. You will be on private plane of my cousin in sometime and you all will be waiting in three rooms booked by my cousin in Burj Khalifa. Happy Journey. Meet me in Dubai Mall, if you want to." 

The SPR team heard everything in recorder. They were now moving to airport's terminal 4 for cargo.