Naoko kuroda 62612
Name Naoko Kuroda
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark blue
Hair Color Black
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Voice Actor (Japanese) Miyuki Sawashiro

(English) Caitlin Glass

"Someone who isn't spiritually sensitive wouldn't understand!"
Naoko Kuroda is a first-year student at Mai's school. She is revealed to be the poltergeist of the old school.


Kuroda is a slim girl with glasses and black hair separated into two braids. She dresses in refined clothes such as long skirts and long-sleeved shirts, even in her school uniform.


Kuroda is viewed as a freak by her peers, making her crave attention. She lies about seeing spirits in the old school just to catch the attention of Naru. However, she does possess some hidden psychic ability as she was revealed to be the poltergeist of the old school.

She is also a very serious person and likes to keep to herself most of the time.

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