The ability to move objects at a distance by mental power. The term has now largely displaced "telekinesis," formerly used by psychical researchers and Spiritualists. The term "psychokinesis" or "PK" was proposed by psychologist J. B. Rhine and his associates at the Psychology Department, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, in 1934 in relation to experiments with influencing the fall of dice by mental concentration.

Special terms have developed as the study of PK has expanded, such as: "PK-MT", "PK-LT" and "PK-ST".

PK-ST Edit

The ability to affect static targets (ST). Chiaki Kasai claims she has it as she is capable to bend spoons, just as her teacher Kei Ubusuna in File 3: The After School Hexer. Oliver Davis is known for his PK-ST abilities.

PK-MT Edit

The ability to affect moving targets (MT), such as rolling dices to get a specific number. A "PK Placement Test" denotes a PK-MT experiment in which the subject attempts to influence falling objects to land in a designated area.

PK-LT Edit

The ability to affect living targets (LT), such as plants, healing, influencing of animals. It is the rarest form of PK. Edit

References Edit

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