Nerdy Lin

Lin understands.

Before you edit, please look over the following rules and guidelines for the wiki. If you have any questions, please leave a message for me, amaXdear, on my talk page


(These are non-negotiable, and consistent violation of them is grounds for being banned)

  1. No vandalism. This includes random letters instead of entries, irrelevant information, etc.
  2. No hate speech, towards users or on wiki pages. This includes any derogatory comments on gender, race, religion, sexual identity/orientation, or physical/mental disability.
  3. All entries must be neutral. There is a place for debating the relative merits of a character, but a wiki entry is not it. In addition, case pages are not reviews of the episodes in question. This includes statements such as "many fans think this is the best episode in the series." However, opinions by critics, whether online orin print, are allowed.
  4. Shipping/fandom information is not allowed on character pages or case pages. This includes things that are "hinted" in the manga/anime; for example, the Silent Christmas episode is not "proof" that Mai and Lin are romantically involved, as this is not explicity stated and is merely a shipper's interpretation.
  5. This wiki is for Ghost Hunt only, and should not include information about any related or unrelated series.


(Although these are guidlines only, they must' still be followed' when users are editing pages. They are listed as guidlines because the breaking of them is relatively minor and will not result in a user being banned.)

  1. Before saving a page, make sure you have used proper grammar and spelling.
  2. If you encounter a vandal, contact the administrator. Do not engage in an edit war.
  3. Only include information that you know to be true, or which you have strong evidence for. If there is no proof for or against information, include a disclaimer or contact an administrator for advice.