God, I haven't been on Quizilla since about sixth grade, maybe seventh... I never did like the format change. :) But I found this quiz while searching for some pics of GH characters, and I took it for fun. I got Yasuhara! I wasn't even trying to get him, either. The quiz is very good, with very descriptive options, questions, and answers. It's always hard to guess the results when the quiz is well made. It's easier when there's a "What's your favorite color" question, so I usually skip those. X) Actually, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise... I'm always doing research and carrying heavy equipment... I'm the only person at drama club who actually likes being sound technician instead of lead role.

Here's the result:


Yasuhara on a case.

YOU ARE: Osamu Yasuhara!
You're a very enigmatic person! You're more mature than most people your age and that sets you aside from your peers, but you certainly provide very good company and can be very charming. You're always willing to join in most things, although you don't necessarily have to be in the limelight; you just like to help, and you'll do whatever anyone asks you to do. You spend a lot of time reading and disappear quite often, and people are often quite amazed by you and how you manage to do things they'd think were impossible. If they get to know you, though, they'll probably find that you're not as different as they think you are, and you like good company and good friends as much as they do.