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    Wikia Update

    September 1, 2012 by Morningnight

    Okay, I know there are only like 36 wikia people on this page, but half the information is not even here. This page has only half of the characters it needs, and the informtaion that is here is....I can't comment, I haven't visited or even looked at it all of it yet. But, like how does Ayako Matsuzaki have a realtionship with Naru and everyone else (maybe), but Naru only relationships with Mai, Gene and Lin? I don't understand that cause doesn't he have a relationship with her as a boss!? Unless its romantic relationships then...well Naru doesn't have romantic realtionships with Lin or Gene, or that would be EXTREMELY weird..... does anyone see me point!? Plus the lack of pictures annoys me. It looks so plain without them.....I want my Jo…

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